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16.9.2020 - DEMANDS/PURCHASE for Industry & Logistics

Pos. 1) Chemical reactor; type Ballestra; 48 pipes; purchase only.

Pos. 2) Nitric Acid production plant; OUTPUT: abt 500 TpD; purchase only.

Pos. 3) Power plant abt 30 MW; driven with TM2500 G6; purchase only.

Pos. 4) Power plant abt 500 MW; driven with gas turbines; purchase only.

Pos. 5) Stenter; WW 240 - 280cm, 6 - 10 chambers; YOM 00 onw; Gas heated; purchase only.

Pos. 6) Rapier looms; dobby + jacquard; WW 349 - 400CM; purchase only.

Pos. 7) Plant for waste management (selection), purification, recycling incl.: renewable enegie; purchase only..

Pos. 8) High speed cement / line packing line; purchase only.

Pos. 9) Volumetric filler; CBD oil 60-100 CPM; purchase only.

8.9.2020 - DEMANDS

Pos. 1) Dewaxing unit; OUTPUT: abt 1 000 TpD; purchase only.

Pos. 2) Methanol production plant; OUTPUT: 1 000 TpD; purchase only.

Pos. 3) Ethanol production plant; OUTPUT; abt 200 TpD; purchase only.

Pos. 4) Coal fired power plant; abt 10 MW, 50 Hz; low budget; purchase only.

Pos. 5) Looking for power plant 100 - 400 MW; fuel: gas + heat recovery system; ready dismantled/packed to ship; purchase only.

Pos. 6) Looking for stenters; WW 240 cm; gas or oil heating; YOM 90 onw; purchase only.

Pos. 7) Looking for stenters; WW 280 cm; gas heating; YOM 00 onw; purchase only..

Pos. 8) CNC universal milling machine; YOM late 00's; 4 axis; x - 3 000MM, y . 1 200MM, z - 1 100MM; Rev.: 12 000 pM; sale only.

Pos. 9) Supply of: Russian Export Blend Crude Oil (REBCO), D2, D6 JET FUEL A1, etc.; sale only.

DEMANDS from 2.9.2020

Pos. 1) Wool top backwash machine; YOM 00 onwards: purchase only.

Pos. 2) Complete production line for medical cotton; second hand OK - but refurbished; purchase only.

Pos. 3) New Jersey Machine (NJM) Mustang 2 (315 LII) hot melt labeler; purchase only.

Pos. 4) 4-DRUM TEARING LINE; WW 1500mm TO 2000mm; YOM late 00's; purchase only.

Pos. 5) Power generation set SGT 400, 50 Hz; imperative: movable; purchase only.

Pos. 6) Power plant; abt 30 MW; fired with waste; heat recovery system imperative; purchase only

Pos. 7) Oil refinery plant; INPUT: crude oil API: 34.17 abt 350 000 CBM p M; purchase only.

Pos. 8) Fertilizer plant; EU brand imperative; purchase only.

Pos. 9) Mixing tank (food industry) made with ST ST; Cap abt 1,5 CBM; Flow meter or Level Gauge; Motor supply: 380 VAC; purchase only

Pos. 10) Air compressor; YOM 00 onwards; Motor; abt 300 kW; purchase only.

Pos. 11) Pulp paper and paper production plant / complete; purchase only.

Pos. 12) STEEL DRUMS production plant; OUTPUT: abt 500 Drums per hour; turn key purchase only

Pos. 13) Nous recherchons pour nos clients Promoteurs, Marchands de Biens, Investisseurs, des terrains constructibles, des immeubles vides ou loués, des locaux commerciaux ou industriels.Toute France mais uniquement dans les grandes villes et leurs agglomérations. Tous budgets.

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Pos. 14) Waste recycling plant; OUTPUT: abt 15 TpD; YOM late 00's; purchase only.

Pos. 15) Used/Refurbished Metal Detector for Tablet Compression; purchase only.

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