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Aircrat's demands for purchase, leasing, charter - this week classified and selected:
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DEMANDS from 28.11.2016
       aircraft-list, demands, 10000 offers, financing 
1) AIRCRAFT; A320-200; YOM ely 00's; M/E: CFM56; outright purchase only.
2) AIRCRAFT; A319; YOM mid 00's; purchase only.
3) AIRCRAFT; A320; YOM mid 00's; purchase only.  

Aircraft's offers for sale, leasing, charter - this week classified and selected:1000 aircraft list, demands, offers, financing
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OFFERS from  28.11.2016 more in:           Aircraft-list, demands, 1000 offers, financing
1) AIRCRAFT;  B 737-800; YOM 00; Price: abt 13,0 MUS$; sale only.
2) AIRCRAFT;  > 35 pax; YOM ely 00's; Price: 2,5 MUS$; sale only.
3) AIRCRAFT;  AIRBUS helicopter; YOM ely 00's; VIP interieur; Price: abt 2,5 MUS$; sale only.

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